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Investment strategies as dynamic as the world we live in

Seizing opportunities requires new levels of acumen, agility and proficiency – in this rapidly changing world we live in.

With the global events shifting the scales of power and opportunity, traditional beliefs need to be revisited to develop effective success strategies.

At Hilshaw Group we value the interest and security of our investors and have a tradition of delivering higher returns.

We transform possibilities with next-generation technologies, market data and analytics. Our offering simplifies operations and augments performance with exclusive data insights and solutions for portfolio monitoring, investor reporting, investment insights, compliance, valuation, fundraising and more.

By re-strategizing critical process elements and delivering value-driven intelligence, we strengthen the investment to help generate more value.

For developers and other real estate industry patrons, Hilshaw Group is a funding and investment resource that is always available to support value, passion and diligence.

The reinvented Hilshaw Group has offices across Thailand, Italy and Russia with its Investment & Acquisition Head Quarters in Dubai, UAE.


Chairman’s Message

Similar to all other facets of business, investment is an Art that can be perfected. The years of experience spread across our investment advisors and our globally successful exposure across multiple asset classes is the source of the strategy we call the ‘Dynamic Asset Allocation Framework’.

This time tested ‘Low Risk’ – ‘High Return’ methodology allows us to mitigate risk and our technology backbone enables tactical fund allocation to ensure your safe investments always benefit from all arising opportunities.

Lal Bhatia – Chairman, Hilshaw Group

What We Do

Hilshaw Group is a Multi Family Office with an existing Fund Size of USD 500 Million. The Company primarily invests in low supply and finite real estate opportunities and has allocated USD 175 Million towards the UAE Real Estate Market.

Investment Management

Portfolio planning and management for Individual, corporate & Investment needs

Real Estate Financing

Investment in exclusive and low supply opportunities within this asset class

Development Funding

Financial Sourcing and Management of Infrastructure Projects

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